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Introducing today’s learners via a video from the MacArthur Foundation:


Near the beginning of the video John Seely Brown, Co-chairman Deloitte Center for the Edge, poses, “The catch to preparing students for the 21st century… is how do you get kids to have curiosity and to question disposition?” and connects this with a gaming disposition suggesting, “… they want to be measured, because they want to see how much they are improving. [Their] most common mantra is, ‘If I ain’t learning, then it ain’t fun.'” The video and discussion reminds me of Wesch’s cultural anthropology class video A Vision of Students Today (YouTube). Of course, Wesch’s class video was created more than 5 years ago.

So, what do these videos mean for teachers? They challenge us as educators to identify the characteristics of our students today, “how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams…” They challenge us to choose content differently, present content differently, and engage students differently than we have traditionally. They challenges us to choose and deliver content with our audience in mind. Consider the implication; our focus becomes student learning. It means we begin evaluating our teaching not by how well we teach content, but rather how well our students learn.





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