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Serving others is in some folks’ DNA. This is certainly the case for military personnel who choose to become teachers following their military service. At Studer Education and TeacherReady® we think service members who want to teach can be great teachers and educational leaders – their choice to teach is “what’s right” in education – and we are excited to partner with them to help them earn professional teaching certification in Florida.

We asked TeacherReady® aspiring teachers who chose to teach following their military career to “Discuss why [they] chose education as a second career.” Their responses include (selected):

Teaching has been a significant component of my work throughout my life. Moving into a more formal classroom setting seemed a logical step. In addition, colleagues and friends consistently, and independently of each other, affirmed teaching as one of my strengths. Though academically qualified to teach at the collegiate level, my life circumstances make pursuing a high school teaching position the right choice for me.

I found that as an Air Force instructor, I found great satisfaction in watching students grow and I enjoyed being able to help someone achieve objectives. This continued into the elementary education arena because I felt I could use my military background/experiences to help children succeed in their studies.

I was very excited to become a teacher as a second career. After spending many years as a volunteer in my children’s classrooms and I then several years as a substitute teacher I was confident that this was a good career choice for me and a great choice because I was a military spouse.

The majority of respondents stated that TeacherReady® prepared them for their first teaching position and would recommend this state-approved, online alternative certification program to other military personnel and their families. Furthermore, respondents either “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that they participated in professional conversations with their mentor teacher during field expenses in addition to teachers other than or in addition to their mentor teacher. The majority of respondents also said that TeacherReady® met their military status/position needs during their time of enrollment in the program.

The teaching profession benefits from service members choosing teaching as a second career and, more importantly, students in K-12 benefit. The responses of our military TeacherReady® aspiring teachers allows us to revisit our program delivery and enrollment processes so that we can better serve our military and others interesting in the teaching profession; we hope that you connect with their responses and see teaching as a continued public service to our nation so that teaching becomes an “option” for you and other individuals who may have never considered it before.



TeacherReady® is an online alternative certification program targeted to individuals interested in a career transition to the teaching profession. TeacherReady® is state approved and a member of the NCATE accredited professional education unit at the University of West Florida. Visit our website or connect with us on Facebook for more information.

Dr. Sarah Miller is director of TeacherReady®. Please contact her by email (sarah.miller@studereducation.com) or phone (850.432.7051) for more information about enrolling in TeacherReady® or about TeacherReady’s military partnerships.

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