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Becker’s Hospital Review released its list, “40 of
the Smartest People in Healthcare,” quint_studerand recognized as one of the 40 leaders is Quint Studer, Founder of Studer Group, for his work assisting healthcare organizations to create cultures of excellence and improve organizational performance and patient care. Quint is the author of six books including the Business Week bestseller Hardwiring Excellence, one of the top-selling leadership books ever written for healthcare, and Results That Last, a book on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list of business books. Studer Group is the recipient of a 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and for six consecutive years has been named one of the Best Small and Medium Workplaces in the United States by Great Place to Work®.

Studer served 10 years as a public school teacher in Wisconsin before entering the healthcare industry. He has an undergraduate and graduate degree in education, and his master’s degree includes an emphasis in special education. Quint’s transition from education to healthcare was seamless given his focus on and belief in the need for both teachers and a healthcare professionals “to maximize human potential.” This is the vision on which he founded Studer Group in 2000 and served to spearhead the development of Studer Education, the education division of Studer Group, in 2011 to carry out a parallel mission of creating cultures of excellence and high performance in K12 and Higher Education.

Studer Education assists education systems achieve measurable results that produce positive outcomes in student achievement, employee engagement, support services, and financial efficiencies and productivity. The Studer Education Execution Flywheel™ is the centerpiece of our partnership with school districts; it is centered on excellence with an inner core circle representing passion, principles and pillar results. As professionals in a school system our purpose is to serve students and their families and we do so with guiding principles defined by how we enter our work every day and how we expect employees to engage in the work environment. At the core of our work, leaders and teachers support students to achieve student learning results, which depends on how well leaders interact with those they lead and serve.

Quint Studer was the forerunner in connecting employee engagement, service excellence, and the use of aligned and objective accountability measures to demonstrate how each builds a sustainable culture of high performance in healthcare organizations. These tactics and strategies are now being used to drive performance improvement and to create sustainable cultures of excellence in K12 and Higher Education.




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For more information visit us online at http://studereducation.com or contact Dr. Janet Pilcher, Senior Leader of Education at Studer Group at janet.pilcher@studergroup.com.