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Who would it be? Why and what would you want to learn? We asked our colleagues this question and the leaders and teachers they mentioned span across decades; but the “why’s” all resonated with each individual leading or teaching with purpose. A coincidence? Probably not, given that we connect with leaders who have purpose, do worthwhile work, and make a difference.

Abraham Lincoln has always been a hero because he led the country based on his beliefs that were formed and developed as a child. His values and beliefs were framed by his mother who helped shape his view of the world. I wonder about and at his perseverance in his personal and professional life. [Robin Largue]

Mother Teresa: Her life focused on wholehearted free services to the poor. She was so selfless and I greatly admire her life’s work. In today’s society of “enough is never enough” it makes me admire her work even more. I want to learn to be more like that. [Sarah Miller]

Susan B. Anthony: Her vision for suffrage, her persistence and dedication, and her capacity to withstand public ridicule all amaze me. I would want to learn how she stuck with it — what gave her the grit to fight a battle that was not won before her death? [Melissa Matarazzo]

Maya Angelou: She delivers a message with passion and purpose; she reminds us that, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” [Julie Kunselman]


Debbie Ritchie, Chief Operations Officer, Studer Group: She has such great organization and communication skills. She is able to easily articulate information to others that is clear and precise. I would like to learn what her process is, what is her though processes as she is building out information to send to others. [Katie Tener]

BG Porter, President and CEO, Studer Group, or Quint Studer, Founder, Studer Group: … I’d like to shadow them and just learn from them. Quint does a lot of great things for the community as a whole. Just curious as to how he handles everything, schedule and all. I find BG a tremendous role model as well. Both are caring and giving individuals which is why I think they are successful. They care about their families, their employees and their communities. Not to say they are demanding as far as demanding everyone’s best. [Paul Brown]

Consider the leaders named in the recent “Fortune Top 50 Leaders: The Why” blog by Gary Burnison at Fortune. How do we translate this to education? Every day teachers, students and leaders in schools demonstrate excellence. What’s Right in Education seeks to engage readers, especially teachers and leaders, to rekindle their purpose, a feeling of worthwhile work, and knowledge that they make a difference in the lives of others. What’s Right is a reminder that what we do as school leaders and teachers influences the way we connect with students. Working together, we can all help students learn that they have purpose, can do worthwhile work, and make a difference in the lives of others and the world we live in.




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