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Next week is National Library Week and the American Library Association is asking folks to tweet using #NLW14 and #liveschange in support of this year’s theme, “Lives Change @ your library.” A great opportunity for all of us to share what we’re reading! If you looked at the eReader or in the backpack of my colleagues, Drs. Largue and Pilcher, who work with leaders in K-12 education in school districts across the United States this is what you would find an array of leadership books. 




David and Goliath is the latest book that I read that I shared with others. The book provides a perspective of the world and the decisions made daily that fulfill the story of David and Goliath” Dr. Robin Largue, co-author of How to Lead and Lead Coach, Studer Group’s Education Division.


“Favorite books align with the greatest need for me. I tend to fall back on Jim Collins Good to Great – level 5 leadership and facing the brutal facts. Also, really like John Kotter’s books to align to our times. And, I think Results that Last is a good go to book for leadership,” Dr. Janet Pilcher, co-author of How to Lead and Senior Leader of Education Division at Studer Group.


If you peek into the minds of Pilcher and Large or any of the Studer Education team, you would see how books and education have influenced our lives, that is, #liveschange. At some point in our lives we connected to a book’s message and to the opportunities education opened; sometimes providing vision for our purpose for worthwhile work and making a difference.



To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee is a compelling introduction to prejudice, racism, poverty and inequality combined with the stark beauty of everyday heroism. I’m not sure if I always wanted to make a difference in the world, but I surely did after reading that book” Melissa Matarazzo, Doctoral Candidate at Harvard University and Studer Education Research Fellow.




“My favorite book is When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. This novel is about a heart broken heart surgeon who couldn’t save his own wife who had heart problems. It is about his personal fight to continue to find meaning in life after his wife’s death. When a young child needs his medical expertise he is drawn back into the land of the living and back to medicine to help her. I connected to this book because of the compassion and love. I want to show compassion and love to others just like the main character does…” Dr. Sarah Miller, TeacherReady® Program Director.


National Library Month and National Library Week provide us with an opportunity to share our favorite books or love for reading and learning. However, no need to wait! Share your favorite book title and author – and the “why” you connected with the text – and invite others to engage with you in the conversation.





Book cover pictures accessed via Internet search. Please see individual texts for credits.

Special thanks to the Studer Education team for providing the quotes for this post.

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