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High and middle performing district leaders want to work in a place they enjoy and where they can prosper and learn. Most importantly, they want to work in a place that lends them every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their colleagues and students. In order for district leaders to meet each of these needs, they must be attentive and must care about the issues school leaders are facing in their schools. In the video clip below, Dr. Steve Sperry, Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources, in the School district of Janesville (WI), discusses how Rounding aligns to these needs and to the needs in his district.

Leader Rounding is a way for district leaders to gather valuable information from school leaders; information that when addressed makes it easier for everyone to do a great job. In the following video clip, Dr. Karen Schulte, Superintendent of the School District of Janesville, shares how Rounding assists communication in her district.

Many leaders say that Rounding provides them an effective way to engage with their colleagues and is the number one tactic that improves performance. Dr. Sperry shared the benefits to his district in a presentation at What’s Right in Education.

Rounding can yield positive results in a school district. Rounding allows district leaders to gain insight on what is working for school leaders, which teachers and leaders deserve recognition, and what tools/support school leaders need in order to do their jobs in the best way possible. Rounding for outcomes on school leaders provides district leaders with a way to establish genuine relationships with them; they gain an opportunity to learn what is occurring in their colleagues’ lives and in their schools. Remember, when school districts recruit great leaders, they want to keep them. Rounding can help them do just that.




Video clips from a presentation by Dr. Karen Schulte, Superintendent, and Dr. Steve Sperry, Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources in the School District of Janesville, Wisconsin, at What’s Right in Education 2013. What’s Right in Education is an opportunity for educational leaders to connect with other high performing educational leaders, and discuss how to set board and superintendent measures and cascade those across all levels of leadership in the district; identify what “right” looks like in service excellence; and become part of a district leadership collaborative. Join us for the next What’s Right in Education on August 6, 2014, in Chicago, IL. To learn more and to register visit http://eblk12.com/evidence-based-leadership-excellence/.

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