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Gulf Power’s education webpage is all about connecting with the community; the picture below heads the page, with many of the company’s community initiatives following.


What does the Gulf Power mean when they say, “A New Generation of Bright Sparks”? From the company’s webpage:

Our future is in the hands of the next generation. We believe in empowering young people to make smart, informed decisions about energy use. And we want to take every step to ensure children are fully educated about the dangers, and the possibilities of energy production. At Gulf Power, we believe today’s students are tomorrow’s business leaders and workforce. In Florida we support efforts throughout the region to train and inspire our future…

This is why four Gulf Power engineers volunteered at least 20 hours in the classroom with the Rockstar Ninjas of STEM of Blue Angels Elementary; this is why Gulf Power hosted a robotics competition with the students and began the event like they would any other event at their auditorium, with a safety briefing and then managing up the news media and law enforcement professionals and other professionals attending the event; this is why Gulf Power provides many opportunities for community partnerships through foundations and educational grants, including Gulf Power Academy, BEST Robotics, I Love Science, and Gulf Power Institute; and, this is why Gulf Power’s efforts in education include the following teaching tools and lessons on its website (see webpage):


As a former middle school and high school mathematics educator, it’s cool for me to see community partnerships connecting students to real-world applications of math, science, and technology; too, initiatives that communicate “love” of these disciplines such as Gulf Power’s, “I Love Science” partnership are refreshing… Thank you! And, thank you for taking interest in “a new generation of bright sparks.”

This is the third in a 4-part series about the robotics event pairing the Blue Angels Elementary’s Rockstar Ninjas of STEM with Gulf Power’s engineers. Part 4 in the series includes more about the competition.




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