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Respect, recognition, and belonging. According to Michael Stallard, CEO Advisor at Fox Business, these are the first three of Six Needs to Thrive at Work. For leaders, inadequate resources or limited time can seem like barriers to hardwiring reward and recognition into our organization culture. If we make recognition the reward, as we recommend in this week’s tip, we can efficiently and effectively meet our employees’ critical needs.

Our partners in the School District of Menomonee Falls (SDMF) provide an excellent example of making recognition the reward. The Superintendent’s weekly newsletter to all staff includes a section of “Shout-outs.” By empowering leaders, teachers, support staff, substitutes, parents, and others to provide their own shout-outs, Superintendent Patricia Greco gathers and disseminates positive recognition for hard-working district employees to the entire SDMF community. Here’s a small sample of the Shout-outs from May 2, 2014:

By the way Gwen… have I told you that YOU ROCK!  Thanks for all your ideas and for all you do in contributing toward our improvement efforts… you’re a true leader.  Jeff Gross

To Cindy Ceplina: I had no expectation that you would look at and especially reply to work emails while you were on vacation. That’s above and beyond, you should have been leaving all this and all of us behind for at least a little while… What a wonderful feeling for learning, for school and for his teacher that you have instilled/ inspired in these children… XXX is FULL of  joyful energy waiting to see you tomorrow. Louise (Parent)

Wouldn’t a Shout-out like these make your day? For more recognition tips, check out Strategies 4 & 8 in our Effective Leaders, Effective Teachers Formula. You can also read great stories on reward and recognition at our What’s Right in Education blog, like this one about WOW Cards, or another about using Wordle. Watch Superintendent Karen Schulte of the School District of Janesville, WI, explain how her district uses thank you cards to recognize employees.





MatarazzoDr. Melissa Matarazzo is a Research Fellow at Studer Education. Dr. Matarrazo began her career as a middle school teacher and assistant principal in Derry, New Hampshire.Prior to joining Studer Education, Dr. Matarazzo served as the Executive Director for Achievement and Accountability in the Charleston County (SC) School District. She has served as a supervisor of teacher interns at the College of Charleston, SC and an adjunct instructor at American International College in Springfield, MA. Follow Dr. Matarazzo on Twitter at @LrngLdr and follow Dr. M’s weekly post “Try This Tip” here.

Like to know more about the School District of Menomonee Falls? Visit the district’s website or join the Carnegie Foundation for Quality Improvement in The Classroom: Balancing a Rigorous Approach to School Improvement, a complimentary webinar on May 28. The webinar features a panel of district leaders and teachers from the School District of Menomonee Falls who will discuss how they balance a commitment to quality improvement in the classroom with state-level education initiatives. Register for the webinar here.

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