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This was the title of Dr. Janet Pilcher and Dr. Robin Largue’s presentation at the Florida School Board Association Summer Conference (view the interactive agenda). My colleagues state,

As we work with school districts throughout the country, we find school board members want to know the answer to this question: What type of evidence will the district leadership provide that lets board members know they made a spending decision that provided a return on student achievement based on the dollars invested?

In the presentation Pilcher and Largue discussed the Evidence-Based Leadership Framework for education (immediately below) and the steps in Evidence-Based Leadership (below framework):


EBLK12 Steps

Pilcher and Largue also showed a sample district score scorecard which includes measurable goals, with progress monitoring measures aligned to actions and processes, and identified leadership development to close performance gaps (below):


Evidence-Based Leadership is an execution framework; it serves to complement continuous or process improvement and to assist school districts move to excellence. Achievable? Yes. Take the first step by completing the District Diagnostic Tool for your school system and see how your assessment compares with other districts. Measurable? Yes. One example is showing return on student achievement for dollars spent on a particular program or strategy. And, it all goes back to having purpose, doing worthwhile work and making a difference.

Oakcrest Mrs. Rabb2




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