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Why is improvement non-negotiable? Because each child deserves access to an excellent education.


This is the message that Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Superintendent of Arlington Independent School District, and Ms. Jamie Sullins, School Board Vice President, delivered in Chicago last week at What’s Right in Education. Select attendee takeaways from their presentation are below:

Start with leadership and model the engagement and the message. Leaders must create a culture of individual ownership. District achievement hinges on leadership throughout the system.

Be transparent with data and results. Use the data for decision-making. Don’t hide poor results, face them and develop a plan. 

Create accountability across entire system and all employees with a scorecard; begin with leadership before considering for other employees.

Working together – school board and superintendent – is vital to communicating with community and to moving vision forward.

Access and excellence across the whole district. This guides our work as leaders and teachers. All children should have the opportunity to receive an excellent education.

Dr. Cavazos and the AISD school board lead the charge that “improvement is non-negotiable” among AISD leaders, teachers, and staff because they know that for their school district to achieve excellence, every school and every department must be excellent.




To view select presentations and the conference evaluation from What’s Right – Chicago click here. If you are a school leader interested in attending What’s Right in Education – Texas in 2015, then please contact Dr. Karen (KK) Owen at Karen.Owen@StuderEducation.com.

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